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Viv's House
A sign of a good painter is when a customer keeps asking him back
If a painter’s not done his job right there’s no way of hiding it, especially as time passes and imperfections become more obvious.

Reg has done many jobs for Viv over the years because she knows she can depend on him. Here, are just some of the rooms Reg has painted for her.
bathroom photo Fireplace photo
kitchen photo
Sally and Adrians House
Sally and Adrian know that Reg is a perfectionist, that they can depend on him to go the extra mile and get the job done right.
Since decorating their kitchen in 2015 Reg has been asked back to do their bedroom and House Exterior.

Throughout each project Reg and Sally have discussed colours and decorative features. Reg’s advice and knowledge of paint colours have helped Sally and Adrian to achieve their vision for a nicer home.
kitchen photo


Bedroom Before


Bedroom After
The bedroom required Reg to flex his decorating muscles beyond just painting. One wall was covered in wallpaper and the ceiling was lined with fibreglass paper, this was a challenge but well worth doing as it will help to prevent cracks.

High Quality Designer Wallpaper

Wooden Door Painted and New Knobs Fitted

Skirting, Coving and Walls Painted